Welcome to Thatch-Safe

The new Fire Safety and Insulation Product for Thatched Roofs.

Thatch-Safe® has been developed with input from thatchers, architects, surveyors, firemen, builders and thatched home owners, and meets the same building regulation (B4) as the Dorset Model. As such this gives another option to architects and thatched property owners in their thatch fire protection solution.

Thatch-Safe is the only fire barrier which has been especially developed for Thatch, which also meets both fire retardant and insulation requirements in a single product. Thatch-Safe achieved LABC (National Building Control) System Approval, Certificate Number 422-12-7177. (2008 – 2011)

This specialist thatch fire protection product has been tested for vapour permeability, because we understand that thatch needs to breathe.

Thatch-Safe has been used on new and older undulating roofs, where it’s excellent due to its flexibility, making it quick and easy to apply round windows, in valleys and around chimneys.

Why Thatch-Safe®?

  • Specially developed for Thatch Fire Prevention
  • Meets Fire Retardant & Insulation Requirements
  • A one product solution
  • Achieved LABC (National Building Control) Approval
  • Tested for vapour permeability
  • Allows thatch to breathe
  • Benefits listed properties with non standard roofs
  • Quick & easy to apply

Thatch-Safe Model Plus on TV

Properties of Thatch-Safe

  • Fire retardant – 60 minutes integrity
  • Insulating – 30 minutes
  • Micro-porous – Maximises the opportunity of the thatch to breathe – so reduced risk of premature rotting of thatch associated with non breathable solutions.
  • Flexible – 5m X 1m sheets 20mm thick. It is not a fireboard but a fire barrier.
  • Lightweight – <4kg per m2