Fire Barrier designed especially for Thatched Roofs (in consultation with Master Thatchers, Fire Retardant Manufacturers, Insurers, Architects, Builders, Councils & Fire-Brigades).

Tested to ½ Hour Insulation, 1 Hour Integrity and for Vapour Permeability.

Flexible Thatch Fire Protection

Micro Porous Thatch Fire Protection

Thatch Insulation

Flexible Material

Thatch-Safe® is lightweight and flexible allowing it to be quickly and easily fixed to the roof. It is simple for anyone to fix just with the normal battens required for the thatch, no need for intumescent on all the joints It goes around windows, in valleys and around the chimney.


The insulation (this product is 20mm thick) is sandwiched between the foil and the reinforcing wire mesh. With the thatch, 0.2µ value is easily achieved.

The insulation is particularly useful around the chimney where heat transfer is known to be a problem.


As mentioned on the previous page one side of the THATCH-SAFE® is reflective foil.  The heat is reflected from this side. Whilst its micro-porousity allows moisture to escape.

Water Resistant

Helps keep out water prior to thatch being applied, but it is not water proof – because then it would not be truly micro porous.


Maintains integrity should thatch burn and so reduces risk of ingress of burning debris to roof space.

Composite Product

Made of metal and iso-glass – products which do not degrade over time.


Easy to fit and handle – reduced risk to fitters.

Withstands temperatures up to 1000°C

Excellent fire barrier.