Magma Firestop

Magma Firestop is a proven, environmentally safe fire retardant spray for thatched roofs which is used throughout Europe. It does not change the appearance of the thatched roof, nor have any detrimental effect on the thatch nor any surrounding plants.

Only certified sprayers can spray Magma Firestop to ensure quality of application. Once a roof has been treated, a Treatment Certificate is supplied which can be shown to your insurers. Most specialist thatch insurers now offer reduced insurance premiums for thatch properties who have reduced the risk of fire eg using Thatch-Safe® and Magma Firestop.

There are products for both internal and external thatch and timbers all of which have been extensively tested by a large number of independant testing bodies. Time after time their effectiveness in reducing the fire hazard has been confirmed.

Magma Firestop was proven without a doubt when it was tested on Grand Designs Live in 2008, in conjuction with Thatch-Safe®. Two samples of thatched roof (one with fire retardants and one without) were set up – along with a gas feed (to make sure it burned when lit!). These were set alight by Kevin McCloud and Janet Street Porter during an episode of ‘The House that Kevin Built. The panel with fire retardant was impressive and just did not burn (just a little pilot light flame from the gas pipe feed) unlike the other one…….

Thatch Fire Prevention

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See Magma tested on Grand Designs Live